Meeting Strangers, Making Friends

Tom Mattson’s new book, like his first, had me enthralled every step of the way.  Tom has a unique and captivating writing style.  Both books are worthy of placement in school libraries and classrooms–a way to introduce students to the world of travel few of us envision.”     Ron,  Minnesota

New and fresh and magnetizing and I can’t put the book down!  A great job in telling heart-warming stories, using humor and choice adjectives and adverbs, so the reader feels the scene.  The first-person dialogue makes one feel they are standing right there beside the author.”  Larry, Oklahoma

When I start reading a book that has me inside and enjoying, it’s as if chocolate is melting in my mouth.  When I’m enthralled with a story, I savor every word and try to make it last.  This is my best way to describe how much I am enjoying this book.  I’ll continue to write updates as the chocolate is melting.”  Bonnie,  Minnesota 

I just read about the chocolate melting in Bonnie’s mouth.  I love it.  I am eager for my already-ordered copy of Meeting Strangers, Making Friends, anticipating stories to savor.”  Pat,  West Virginia

Storytelling that inspires and uplifts.  Makes you feel you’re traveling the world alongside Tom.  Cool stories, and so well-written.”  Jack Canfield, New York Times bestselling co-author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ and ‘The Success Principles.'”