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The Other Worlds: Offbeat Adventures of a Curious Traveler

The Other Worlds: Offbeat Adventures of a Curious Traveler

The Other Worlds takes the reader on journeys from Cuba to China, from Finland to the Tip of South America, and from the author’s birthplace on Minnesota’s Iron Range to his tin-roofed shack in Guatemala’s mountains of the Maya people.

He crawls through an underground silver mine high in the Andes Mountains—and is invited to join the mine crew on a full-time basis. He searches for a private island and a private sauna in Guatemala—departing with bittersweet memories of one, and a blistering recollection of the other. He rides his Harley motorcycle across half of Canada and back through Montana and the Great Plains.

Sooner or later, the author gets lost in a pitch-black barn with a pig in China, gets tossed into a notorious jail on a raucous Saturday night in Tijuana, follows the footsteps of novice monks in Laos, and runs into Bob Dylan in a Greenwich Village bar the summer of Woodstock. He also recounts a youthful 36,000 mile journey in “Around the World in 400 Days.”

So, follow along as Tom meets strangers, who become friends, around the world. More than one has signaled to the author: “Make my story travel!”

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