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Virtual World Tour: Motorcycling America

Motorcycling across America is a thrill for those who do it, and an adventure for those who hear about the journeys.  Right now, do it yourself, and hang on to the Harley tight. We’ll zip from Minnesota to Arizona, and then north to Utah and Montana.

Tom Mattson‘s Virtual World Tour launched with video episodes in Guatemala, jumped 11,000 miles to Myanmar, settled down in a Cuban mountain village, and returned to Asia and the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Now comes Episode 6, in the USA.  It’ll be the last episode—until the curtain goes up again later on.

You may love the stories that go with these visual tours.  They’re in The Other Worlds, published in 2020, and Worlds Beyond, to be released in 2021.  Check the Books page of the website!